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Death Cafes: Share Your Grief With Others

Have you ever considered going along to a Death Cafe?

The Death Cafe Movement

A thought provoking article about Death Cafes

Benet Waterman: My Experience Of Being A Celebrant

As a Funeral Celebrant, I carry with me a constant and very deep sense of privilege when I am invited to view, through an...

Claire Turnham on Changing Death Care Gently

Care in Death - Bringing the Funeral Home by Claire Turnham of Only With Love

Wendy Clarkson: The Privilege of Being A Celebrant

The similarities between funerals and weddings...

Spare A Thought For Staff At Crematoriums and Cemeteries

a funeral celebrant about her experiences and admiration for the cemetery and crematoria techies

How I Said Goodbye To My Son, Oscar

I was lucky that my husband in his grief was able to focus on saying goodbye to Oscar

Carla Zilbersmith’s Last Wish To Leave Them Laughing

Carla Zilbersmith discusses how her diagnosis with Motor Neurone Disease left her with a last wish to 'leave them laughing'

Processing The Trauma Of Death And Bereavement

In Western culture, we sweep our dead under the carpet. We don’t like to be reminded of our own mortality

What Happens To All The Pacemakers?

How the deceased's pacemakers can benefit children less fortunate than ourselves

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