Charles Cowling: Are The Big Corporations Taking Over?

A comparison between the funeral and brewing industries in the UK by the very talented Charles Cowling

Wendy Clarkson: We Should Involve The Children

As a parent, we all want to protect our children from pain and grief.   In this day and age we are fortunate that most...

Ru Callender: The Effect Bereavement Can Have On A Family

Functional family, dysfunctional, I love you on deathbed, anger, guilt, the fool tarot card, grounding the energy, magician, there are many insightful glimpses into...

Ruth Valentine’s Positive Approach To Being A Celebrant

Celebrant, Ruth Valentine, explains her positive approach to arrangements and delights in the choices available

Peter Owen Jones: The Church And Its Attitude To This Sacred Earth

More to Death asked Peter 'BBC's around the world in 80 faiths' Owen Jones for his thoughts on natural burial developments and Christianity.

Charles Cowling: Observations of Funeralworld

Charles Cowling of the Good Funeral Guide talks to us about his work in the funeral industry

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