Personal Stories

Cemeteries and Me

Until I left home at 18, I looked out of my bedroom window over to Handsworth Cemetery. I had four great-grandparents and a grandmother...

Memoirs Of A Cotswold Funeral Director

James Baker tells us how he came to write “A Life In Death – Memoirs Of A Cotswold Funeral Director”.It wasn’t originally my idea...

Benet Waterman: My Experience Of Being A Celebrant

As a Funeral Celebrant, I carry with me a constant and very deep sense of privilege when I am invited to view, through an...

Wendy Clarkson: The Privilege of Being A Celebrant

The similarities between funerals and weddings...

How I Said Goodbye To My Son, Oscar

I was lucky that my husband in his grief was able to focus on saying goodbye to Oscar

Carla Zilbersmith’s Last Wish To Leave Them Laughing

Carla Zilbersmith discusses how her diagnosis with Motor Neurone Disease left her with a last wish to 'leave them laughing'

Beyond Goodbye – A Father’s Tribute To His Son

How a family kept their son's memory alive on the internet.

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