Pet Cremation

There are a number of advantages of pet cremation:-

The best advantage of choosing animal cremation is being able to bring your dead pet home to rest with you, to feel that it never leaves you alone as we do with the human body.

It is safe to keep your pet’s cremation ashes in a decorative urn, or to scatter them in their favourite place.

Animal cremation will help you move on and give a sense of your pet still being with you.

Choosing animal cremation means you can choose to hold a memorial service at a convenient time.

Dog cremation is considered one of the most affordable solutions to disposing with the remains.

Pet cremation is easy and convenient and much more manageable than digging a hole to bury your pet or making arrangements for burial.

You will not cause any damage to the ground, even if you scatter the ashes.

How much does it cost to cremate a dog?  If you are asking yourself how much does it cost to cremate a dog, then you need to know that the price is dependent on many things; the size and weight of your pet and the type of cremation you choose.

Generally, you will find that the average cost for a dog cremation is between £50 and £100 but this is a probable price. Prices can vary depending on where you are and which crematorium you choose, so be sure to shop around.

What are the best types of animal cremation? – Thousands of pet owners become confused and burdened with the crucial decision when deciding between a pet burial or a cremation. The majority choose the cremation simply because it is so much less expensive.

Pet cremation is divided into 3 types:- individual cremation, private cremation and mass cremation.

Individual cremation –  requires having a special metal tag and it is important to put it in their designated metal tray insider the cremator. There could be several animals in a single session but each one is identified separately.

Once the session is finished, the ashes in each individual tray will be processed, bagged and then returned to the owner.

This assures that the ashes the family get back are that of their pet only.

Private Cremation – If you are afraid that the ashes of your pet can be mixed in with other pet ashes, then you will need to choose private cremation because it offers the option for pets to be cremated alone in the cremation chamber.

Mass Cremation– there are many pets in one cremation session so this is a bad option if you want to have the right ashes of your pet.

Once the cremation process is completed, the ashes will be taken away and gathered to be disposed of by a crematory company in a landfill site. That is why this is the cheapest option.

Dog Headstones – One of the greatest ways to remember your beloved dog – they can be made of granite, stone or wood.

Dog Jewellery – You can choose to have your dog’s ashes put into earrings, rings and bracelets or have them made into diamonds and crystals.

Dog Boxes – Mostly made of wood, these  boxes are a great way to keep your dog’s ashes in a safe place.

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