Goodnight Godbless Steve

Try not to cry and worry about me 

I’m here, I’m safe – all good you see 

A different look at the way things are 

So much brighter, just like a star 


No more rushing and working like mad 

The Contracts Manager was the best job I had 

Remember the good times an’ how we’d all laugh 

Scouse humour’s the best, definitely not naff 


My perfect family who could ask for more 

Three beautiful daughters whom I simply adore 

An’ then there’s my grandchildren total in five 

Fun and laughter was ne’er to strive 


A perfect family and will always be 

My perfect family, my memory 

I’m leaving now but will always be near 

Please try not to cry or shed a tear 


Life was a blast of this is true 

And now I’m off to pastures new.. 


Goodnight, God Bless – Steve. 


Mina Rose Bush
Mobile No:  07742 270649