Knowing What to Look For When Choosing a Coffin

Knowing What to Look For When Choosing a Coffin is a confusing task in a market place where there is so much choice.

Choosing a Coffin

There is so much choice available to us these days in how we are going to transport our loved one to their final resting place. One of the most important decisions is what will ‘hold’ the body until the day of the funeral.

Knowing What to Look For When Choosing a Coffin

Personalised Coffins

These days there are many companies who make coffins with your own choice of images and pictures.

Cardboard Coffins

Used mainly for cremation, cardboard coffins are an economical choice and are also better for the environment. They are available in all kinds of colour and covered with beautiful images of flowers, sunsets, natural backgrounds – whatever feels right for you. Plain ones can be decorated by friends and family creating something very personal and a way of helping the bereavement process.

Environmentally Friendly Coffins

Considering the environment is becoming so much more part of the decision when choosing a coffin. There are lots to choose from including bamboo, wicker, paper and even felt.

Biodegradable coffins for funerals or cremations that allow us to care for nature do not have be a compromise. There are some really beautiful designs on the market these days so your loved one can be sent off with style as well as a clear conscience.

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