Making Funeral Plans in Advance

Most people prefer to make prior arrangements for their funerals before their demise so that when the moment finally arrives, their families will not have to contend with rigorous preparations and mourn at the same time.

By knowing what kind of funeral or memorial service you want, ideas can be easily calculated, such as choosing the type of funeral ceremony you want, comparing funeral directors and so on. Whether you decide to pay for all your funeral expenses in advance or you are interested only in making arrangements without committing any payments up front, there are certain essential decisions you need to consider;

Burial or Cremation – One of the decisions you will face in your plan is whether you intend to be buried or cremated. If you prefer to be buried, then you will have to decide if you want to be buried using the conventional way or if you want a green burial. The decision will have a huge impact on every other decision you make with regards to the rest of the arrangement.

The Service – With regards to the service, you should have a clear picture of how you intend the burial service to be. For instance, where would you like the service to be held (a church or the burial place) and would you like your body to be present at the service and if so, would you like the coffin to remain closed or open during the funeral ceremony.

Intermittent – Some of the questions to help you reach a decision include:-

  • Would your burial place be in another location, and if so, where?
  • Do you wish to be buried in the ground in a cemetery and if so, do you know which one?
  • If you intend to be cremated how do you want your ashes treated?
  • Do you need your family to keep them?
  • Do you want them scattered at any specific location

The products for the burial – Once you have determined the type of burial you need, it is also prudent to think about the specific types of products you wish to be used during the burial. For example:-

  • The type of coffin to use or
  • If being cremated, the type of urn to use
  • If a traditional burial, the type of headstone you prefer
  • What you would like written on the headstone
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