You, You and You – Funeral Poetry

You, and You, and You

I was always the independent one

Strong, steadfast, and true

The reason for my strength

Was you, and you, and you

I always knew what to say

As if on autocue

Because my motivation

Was you, and you, and you

When you looked towards me

For guidance in what to do

I made it all up as I went along

For you, and you, and you

When you were all younger

My how the time just flew

But I wouldn’t give up any of it

For you, and you and you

Mistakes, maybe some, that you noticed

Okay, more than just a few

But they were made with love

For you, and you, and you

As now I leave on my journey

Who knows for pastures new

Remember, I did it all,

For you, and you, and you

by Harry Pope


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