Funeral Poetry

A Funeral is all about making sure the words relate to the deceased, are carefully planned and read with the uttermost respect. This is such an intimate time in the grieving family’s lives and it is so important to get them right.

I’m sure, like myself you have all been to a funeral or memorial service and felt that the words spoken about the deceased have not really described your dear family member or friend in the way you remembered them. Maybe the words didn’t reflect their lives or their personality, the laughter they brought to everyone’s lives, or how they changed each member of the mourner’s lives by just being there for them.

Funeral Poetry – A perfect eulogy

A perfect eulogy should bring everyone together to remember the deceased exactly how they were when alive. The words should shout out how wonderful they were and how they effected every individual present. Yes, it’s a funeral but there is no harm in adding laughter into the eulogy bringing joyful memories not sad ones…. this is key!

When I write poems reflecting people who have passed, I write not about death, nor the sad place this episode in our lives takes us, but about the celebration of their life and what they achieved whilst they were here.

Funeral PoetryI love to take the listeners to another dimension where they can associate the words with their memories.

I had an idea that instead of a funeral being a sad occasion, it could be a great celebration of their life and that a bespoke poem about the deceased – of their character, how they lived their life and how they effected family and friends in their lives would be a unique way to reach the family and friends. I could use humour to brighten up the service and they could keep the poem as a keep-sake – a forever memory almost.

The unique gift of a bespoke funeral poetry

The unique gift of a bespoke poem to be used as a eulogy would help the service be more bearable and serve as an everlasting memory – encrypted on their minds forever.

I love writing poetry with a passion and therefore, I started to write the odd poem here and there for family and friends alike. They all made lovely comments and I felt I had found my niche.

I wrote my very first poem about my Grandad who has passed, however I wanted everyone to know what kind of a man he was, and the effect he’d had on me. He was my inspiration in life, teaching me to read and write by the time I was three years old – maybe life then was destined for me to be a writer! His inscription will remain in my heart forever.

Bill Brown was a family member who passed many years ago. At the time of his passing I hadn’t delved into the wondrous world of writing but once I started writing my poetry, this was one man I had to write a memorial for.

He was such a great father, husband, grandfather and close to my heart as my father-in-law.  He had a great life and oh, what a character! The poem describes his exact personality and character to a tee. The whole family love it and it made them chuckle so much.  A bespoke poem can bring tears yes, but of laughter, not sadness!

From experience, I understand how heartbreakingly tough bereavements of family and friends can be – they can affect us for the rest of our lives. If I can make this a little easier by helping grieving families to get through this very sad time, by listening to an uplifting eulogy in the transformation of bespoke Poetry, it might help them bear their loss.

Commissioning Funeral Poetry

If anyone wishes to have a bespoke poem created for a funeral or memorial service or any other important time, please go to  I will do all I possibly can to express what your loved one meant to you.





Article by Angie Stocks

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