How To Tell Your Child That You’re Dying

The nightmare of how to tell your child that you're dying is something hard to imagine. Both of Sydni Dunn’s parents died from AIDS-related...

Is It Okay For Children To Attend a Funeral?

Is it appropriate for children to attend funerals - or should they be shrouded from death and become a ‘forgotten mourner?’  As someone reading...

9 Tips for Helping a Child Cope Through a Funeral

Most of us dearly love our children and want to protect them from the difficult parts of life. But understanding that a funeral is...

Wendy Clarkson: We Should Involve The Children

As a parent, we all want to protect our children from pain and grief.   In this day and age we are fortunate that most...

How I Said Goodbye To My Son, Oscar

I was lucky that my husband in his grief was able to focus on saying goodbye to Oscar

Beyond Goodbye – A Father’s Tribute To His Son

How a family kept their son's memory alive on the internet.

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